5th ALRDC Seminar for New Artificial Lift Technology

This page is for information that will be presented at the August 2, 2017 ALRDC Seminar for New Artificial Lift Technology.  The Seminar will be held at the Weatherford Technology Center, 11909 Spencer Road, Houston, TX 77041-3000.  This will be the 5th Seminar in this series.


Information Presented for Artificial Lift New Technology


Presenter Form




Hydraulic Actuator

Ayo Adeleye, P.E.



i2r Solutions USA LLC


T Series Rod Pumping Unit


Deliiquify Horizontal Gas Wells Rosmer Brito


Yes Colorado School of Mines

GALLOP System a Novel Artificial Lift System to Deliquify Horizontal Gas Well

TUBEX: the cable lift System Enrique Tomás Cáceres


Yes Diadema USA Diadema Rigless Deployed Cancelled
Older Rod Pump Wells


Bill Elmer Yes Encline Artificial Lift Technologies, LLC Frac Hit Detection Presentation
Rod Lift Optimization

Eugenio Ferrigno


Yes Downhole Linear Reducer Cancelled
Production Optimization

Kendra Golemme



Yes Ambyint


Leveraging Modern Technology Presentation
Enhanced Frac Flowback Jeff SAPONJA Yes HEAL Systems HEAL Frac Flowback Presentation
Offset Well Frac Protection Jeff SAPONJA Yes HEAL Systems Offset Frac Protection Presentation
Plunger Lift Enhancement


Daryl Mazzanti Yes Garp Services, LLC Plunger Lift Enhancement Presentation
Fluid Venting Method


Daryl Mazzanti Yes Garp Services, LLC Seating Nipple By-Pass Presentation
Pumping Unit Bases

Melinda Kolm




Beam Unit Support System Presentation
Gas-Lift Metal Bellows Henry Yeung, Charl Yes Senior Aerospace


Welded Bellows Presentation
Gas-Lift Bruce Lundberg   Bellaire Research Gas-Lift Presentation



Number Name Company E-Mail Address
1 Abdullah Awaid PDO abdullah.ms.al-awaid@pdo.com
2 Brian Arnst Ambyint brian.arnst@ambyint.com
3 Antony Allison Oxy Anthony_Allison@oxy.com
4 Ayo Adeleye i2r Solutions ayo.adeleye@i2rsolutions.ca
5 Peter Brewer Encline Art. Lift bill.elmer.pe@gmail.com
6 Rosmer Brito Colorado School of Mines rmbritogurado@mines.edu
7 Scott Campbell Weatherford f.scott.campbell@weatherford.com
8 Christian Caroll Southwestern Energy Christian_Carroll@SWN.COM
9 Rob Davis Western Falcon RobD@wfes.com
10 Cleon Dunham Artificial Lift R&D Council cleon@oilfieldautomation.com
11 Alec Eakins Peak alek.eakins@peakelastics.com
12 Jim Elder Levo Group elderjd@outlook.com
13 Bill Elmer Encline Art. Lift bill.elmer@enclinelift.com
14 Grant Fielding Oxy Grant_Fielding@oxy.com
15 Rob Hari HEAL Systems rhari@healsystems.com
16 Bill Hearn ConocoPhillips Bill.J.Hearn@conocophillips.com
17 Melinda Hummel Magnum mskolm@magnumgeo.com
18 Charley Man SAMB cmorin@metalbellows.com
19 Dennis Horns Chevron dennis.horns@chevron.com
20 Chris Johnston Crossover, Inc. chris.johnston@xoindy.com
21 Cameron Kerr FourPoint Energy, LLC CKerr@fourpointenergy.com
22 Tom Kuykendall Don Nan tkuykendall@don-nan.net
23 Mark Laine Weatherford mark.laine@weatherford.com
24 Bill Lane Consultant William.Lane@weatherford.com
25 Bruce Lundberg Bellaire Research bruce.lundberg@gmail.com
26 Wayne Mabry Shell Internatonal wayne,mabry@shell.com
27 Daryl Mazzanti GARP Services daryl@garplift.com
28 Michael Naguib Western Falcon robd@wfes.com
29 Raj Naicker Well Master raj.naicker@wellmaster.com
30 Luis Pabon Levo Group luis.pabon@levo-group.com
31 Anton Petukhov Southwestern Energy Anton_Petukhov@swn.com
32 Michael Romer ExxonMobil michael.romer@exxonmdobil.com
33 Greg Stephenson ConocoPhillips Greg.Stephenson@conocophillips.com
34 David Smith SR Flex dsmith@seniorflexonics.com
35 Claudia Strieter HEAL Systems cstrieter@healsystems.com
36 Rick Webb Distribution NOW Richard.Webb@dnow.com
37 Scott Wilson Wilsonmcs wilsonsmcs@gmail.com
38 Jacob Wright Encline Art. Lift bill.elmer.pe@gmail.com
39 Henry Yeung Samb hyeung@metalbellows.com


Seminar Agenda    
Topic Time Company Presenter Subject
Introduction 9:00   Bill Lane  
Sucker Rod Pumping 9:15 Magnum Piering, Inc. Melinda Kolm Pumping Unit Bases
Gas-Lift 9:45 Senior Aerospace Charles Morin Metal Bellows
  10:15 Bellaire Research Bruce Lundberg Gas-Lift
Break 10:45      
Hydraulic Pumping 11:00 i2r Solutions USA LLC Adeleye, Ayo  Hydraulic Actuator
Plunger Lift 11:30 Garp Services, LLC Mazzanti, Daryl Plunger Lift
Lunch 12:00      
Fracking 12:45 Incline Art. Lift Elmer, Bill Frack Hit Detection Device
  1:15 HEAL Systems Rob Hari Enhanced Frack Flowback
  1:45 HEAL Systems Rob Hari Offset Well Frack Protection
Break 2:15      
Other Topics 2:30 Colo School of Mines Brito, Rosmer Deliquify Horizontal Gas Wells
  3:00 Garp Services, LLC Mazzanti, Daryl  Fluid Venting Method
  3:30 Ambyint Golemme, Kendral Production Optimization
Conclusions 4:00   Bill Lane  
Adjourn 4:15      


Presentation Agreements

All Presenters have signed a Consent Form.


Meeting Evaluations Given by People Who Attend the Seminar

Artificial Lift R&D Council (ALRDC)

Seminar for New Artificial Lift Technology

Seminar Evaluations



How was the Seminar Helpful?

How Could it be Improved?


Other Comments



1. Provided interesting information.     Shell
Wayne Mabry
2. Keeping up with new technology even if they are not fully proven. Some I have and have not heard of. Nothing. Kept on time and wasn’t just a big vendor show.   Southwestern
3. It’s a great forum to see what new development exist in the world of artificial lift. There were at least a couple ideas presented that would be worth taking to field trials. Margaritas at the breaks would be an awesome addition. I really feel that this is one of the events that sets ALRDC apart from other Industry Organizations. This is the only venue I know where people can present ideas, without the need for field trial histories, co-authoring with an Operator, avoiding commercial statements, etc. This fills a valuable niche and should be continued. ConocoPhillips
Greg Stephenson
4. Some interesting and specific ideas. Arranged breakouts where we could have time with inventors. Start a little earlier to avoid bad traffic times.   ConocoPhillips
Bill Hearn
5. Great to see what the Industry is doing to advance the cause. The HEAL System is very interesting and we are starting to see applications with our clients. I think that a lot of Operators do not know what they are missing here. They should have their Technical Engineers/Managers from every major Oil and Gas company in attendance. Advertising is King. Thanks as always to Cleon and Bill (along with the ALRDC) for the promotion of artificial lift technologies. These are great for our Industry. Weatherford ALS
Scott Campbell
6. Good to meet with other people with artificial lift interests. The subjects were interesting and led to good conversations. I liked seeing the “infant” ideas and the variety of applications.  Put together the papers associated with PowerPoints for reference. Enjoyed it. Thanks. Oxy
Grant Tielding
7. It helped me better understand the on-going issues and areas for improvement of artificial lift. Add in focused brain-storming sessions. Break into specific topics/issues and facilitate a brainstorming session. I’m relatively new to artificial lift and I found this very beneficial to not only advancing my knowledge of artificial lift systems but also in generating new ideas. Senior Metal Bellows
Chares Morin
8. Showed new technology and created conversations. Keep it informal and easy to present, which it is. Thank you for allowing us to show some paths we are traveling down and get vetted on and see if there is interest in it. HEAL Systems
Rob Hari
9. Presents a forum to introduce new technology, obtain feedback, and challenge ideas. It was good to remind presenters to highlight how the Industry could help. It would be helpful to also include that in the Presentation Guidelines to allow presenters to incorporate this in their Presentations.   I2r Solutions
Ayo Adeloye
10. Good variety of Companies and Presentations. Always learn something new. Liked the number of Presentations this year. Would help to get me more exposure and see some new Presenters. Weatherford location is a good one. ExxonMobil
Michael Romer
11. New technologies are always good. Especially those that improve operations by optimizing production and making it reliable Maybe it will be nice to follow up on the technologies presented today and at the next seminar present the status and advances in performance and real case histories in the Industry. Thanks to ALRDC and Weatherford for the organization of the Seminar. We need more of this, to promote new technologies and generate R&D projects that increase the productivity of our wells. Will be good to have more R&D groups like the Colorado School of Mines make presentations. HEAL Systems LLC
Claudia Strieter
12. Open forum. Good discussions.


Would be useful to have a session at the end of the day where users (Production Operators, Service Companies, etc.) discuss areas where they need new innovations, ideas for Inventors to think about. Bellaire Research
Bruce Lundberg
13. This seminar exposed me to many aspects (e.g. plunger lift, gas-lift) that I have limited knowledge about. Not sure, as this is my first one to attend. I though having the Presenter repeat the questions was good. Also, having the questioning attendants stating their name and company was helpful. I would like to attend any other seminars that come available. Don-Nan Pump and Supply
Tom Bill Kuykendall
14. Keep the Operators informed of what I happening technology wise to meet out challenges. Would be great if one could attend by webinar when travel is not possible. Found the GARP presentation insightful and will contact the Inventor. Chevron ETC
Dennis Harris (morning session only)
15. Very good information about new disciplines. Very good format. Seems to cover many facets of this part of Industry. Thanks. Carbon Enterprise/ Levo Companies
Jim Elder
16. This was our Fifth Seminar for Inventors of New Artificial Lift Technology. I was pleased with the number of Inventor Presentations. I was also pleased with the attendance from the Industry. Of course it would be good to have more attendees from more Operating Companies. I would also like to hear from the Inventors about any follow-up they receive from attendees and if this results in any business for them. In other words, was this worthwhile for them? Based on the favorable comments, I think we should plan to do this again next year. IT has been good for Weatherford to host this the last few years. It would be good for other Organizations to be willing to host this in the future. Artificial Lift R&D Council
Cleon Dunham