Papers and Presentations

Sub-Sea and Deepwater Gas-Lift


ETCE Artificial Lift Workshop


Gas-Lift Valve Modeling/Quality

Introduction to Gas-Lift Valve Testing

Testing and Modeling Gas-Lift Valves

Using Chokes in Unloading Gas-Lift Valves

Results of Gas-Lift Valve Erosion Testing

Routine Gas-Lift Valve Testing


Need for Gas-Lift Equipment Quality Assurance


Field Studies and Case Histories

Predicting Future Gas-Lift Performance in a Mature Water Flood Field

A Practical Approach to Optimizing A Mature Field

Automating the Gas-Lift Process

Gas-Lift Application for Heavy Crude with Emulsion in Dacion Field, Venezuela

Gas-Lift Troubleshooting using a Dynamic Simulator


Gas-Lift Committee Reports

API Gas-Lift Committee Report

ISO Gas-Lift Committee Report