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Details of the Various Sessions of the Workshop

Gas-Lift Single Well Analysis Session

Schlumberger --- Roger Stinson & Balraj Grewal

Gas-Lift Design and Analysis

Abstract - Presentation


Weatherford --- Ken Hilse

Gas Lift Design Evaluation Using Available Software Models

Abstract - Presentation


Occidental of Elk Hills - Patrick Lee Matthews

Distributed Temperature (Fiber Optic) Logging of Gas Lift Wells

Abstract - Presentation


Gas-Lift Field-Wide Optimization Session

Petroleum Consulting Limited --- Fortune Bikoro (with Amerada Hess)

Unlocking the Value in Marginal Mature Fields: 'Chasing the barrels by field-wide gas lift gas allocation optimisation'

Abstract - Presentation


Edinburgh Petroleum Services --- Alasdiar Brown

On-Line Field Wide Gas-Lift Optimization

Abstract - Presentation


ConocoPhillips --- Kenneth Lloyd Martin & Tom Nations

Kuparuk River Field Gas-Lift Optimization and Production Allocation System

Abstract - Presentation


Occidental of Elk Hills - Patrick Lee Matthews

Occidental of Elk Hills Field Wide Automation/Optimization

Abstract - Presentation


Gas-Lift Deepwater and Subsea Session

ChevronTexaco --- Shauna Noonan

Gas-Lift Versus Other Lift Methods for Subsea and Deepwater Developments

Abstract - Presentation


Petroleum Experts --- Janvier Lissanon

Deepwater Field Optimization with Riser Lift

Abstract - Presentation


Gas-Lift Facilities Session

Production Associates --- John Martinez

Downhole Gas Lift and the Facility

Abstract - Presentation


PEMEX --- Miguel Lozada

Self-Sufficient System for Gas-Lift in a Sour Environment

Abstract - Presentation


Weatherford --- Bryan Butler

Using a Pump for Wet Gas Compression

Abstract - Presentation - Paper


Gas-Lift Field Reviews and New Technology Session

Altec --- John Lebeau

Gas Lifting Gas Wells

Abstract - Presentation


Schlumberger --- Boots Rouen

Gas-Lifting Fractured Gas Wells

Abstract - Presentation


ExxonMobil --- Pat Underwood & Jacob Null

CO2 Gas-Lift

Abstract - Presentation


Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems --- Rickey Seagraves

Unloading Water from Oil Wells Using Air

Abstract - Presentation


Dual Gas-Lift Session

Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems --- Gatut Widianoko & Ron Schmidt

Field-Wide Gas-Lift Optimization of Dual Gas-Lift Wells At BP Indonesia

Abstract - Presentation


Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems --- Mark Laine

Using Continuous Flow (IPO) Gas Lift Valves to Produce Dual Wells

Abstract - Presentation


ISO and API Gas-Lift Work Group Session

Schlumberger --- Wayne Mabry

ISO Standards --- 17078.1, 17078.2, 17078.3



ExxonMobil --- Jim Bennett

API RP's --- 11V5, 11V8, 11V9, 11V10



Oilfield Automation Consulting --- Cleon Dunham

Potential New RP's