Spring 2005 SWPSC Workshop

Date Day Course Cost
April 18 Monday Basics of Sucker Rod Lift

$250, includes registration for one course and conference. 

$400 if taking two courses on Monday and Tuesday and attending the conference.

April 19 Tuesday Troubleshooting Sucker Rod Lift Wells
April 19 Tuesday Packers
April 19 Tuesday Reservoir Management
April 19 Tuesday Fracturing
April 20 & 21 Wednesday and Thursday SWPSC Conference $140 for two days of conference only, with no course
April 20 or 21 Wednesday or Thursday SWPSC Conference $115 for one day of conference only, with no course
One extra copy of proceeding  (One copy included with registration) $50
Set of CD's of proceedings from 1954 - 2004  (Must preorder and prepay) $200
CD of 2005 proceedings  (Must preorder and prepay) $50

SWPSC Workshop:  http://www.pe.ttu.edu/research/swpsc.htm

Contact:  Ronda Brewer, Lloyd Heinze

SWPSC Sponsorship

The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course is co-sponsored annually by the petroleum industry of West Texas and The Department of Petroleum Engineering Texas Tech University.


SWPSC Mission

It shall be the primary mission of the corporation to conduct an educational short course, whose purpose it shall be to provide petroleum industry personnel with competent technical and engineering instruction in those subjects that will assist them in doing a better, more efficient, and more intelligent job in their respective positions in the operations of the petroleum production industry.


Company Profile

The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course is organized to conduct educational seminars in the areas of petroleum exploration and development as well as related topics.  The corporation shall use funds from such activities to provide scholarships in the petroleum engineering curriculum at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.  The corporation is organized exclusively for educational purposes pursuant to the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act and within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and the Texas Tax Code Section 11.18(c).  No pecuniary gain or profit will be realized to the member thereof. 


Contact Information

Postal address
Texas Tech University
Southwestern Petroleum Short Course
         Petroleum Engineering Room 214
P.O. Box 43111
          8th and Canton
Lubbock, TX 79409-3111
Electronic mail
Ronda Brewer
Lloyd Heinze