Fall 2006 European Gas Well Deliquification Workshop

General Chair:  Stathis Kitsios      efstathios.kitsios@shell.com


Subject:        Invitation to 1st European Conference on Gas Well Deliquification

We all know that liquid loading of gas wells has a severe impact on production capacity and is very often the limiting factor for ultimate field recovery. Over the last decade, a  significant number of technology advancements in gas well deliquification have been successfully implemented in the USA, prolonging the tail end production of gas wells and fields.

Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) B.V. - a Shell operated 50/50 exploration and production joint venture between Shell and ExxonMobil - is experiencing liquid loading problems in a significant number of onshore and offshore gas wells. In 2002, NAM initiated a campaign for gas well deliquification, focussing initially on the application of foam lifting technology in onshore wells, with a plan to expand to offshore wells as the local application of this technology is matured. Production results to-date have been very good and the application of foam lifting technology is rapidly expanding in NAM's onshore operations. NAM are also busy with the implementation of a number of other technologies to mitigate liquid loading, such as mobile wellhead compression and velocity strings.

I am aware that other European gas operators are tackling (or are about to tackle) similar liquid loading issues. The time is therefore ripe for kicking-off a European Conference on Gas Well Deliquification. The conference objectives would be to:

The ultimate goal is to fast-track the export and implementation of gas well deliquification expertise from the United States into Europe. There is no benefit in re-inventing the wheel, although some adaptation may be required to meet European operating conditions.  The vendors have a key role to play here.


I have discussed the need for such a conference with a number of operators and vendors and received a very positive response. As such, NAM is taking the initiative to organise the 1st European Conference on Gas Well Deliquification. This will take place on September 19 - 20, 2006 in the Golden Tulip Hotel, Zeegse, The Netherlands.


To maximise the benefits of this industry get-together, participating companies are strongly encouraged to submit one or more presentations in line with the above stated objectives. Participation will be free of charge, but participants will have to settle their own travel & accommodation expenses.


I take pleasure in inviting you to this forum. Please feel free to pass this invitation to other staff in your company that are engaged in gas well deliquification.

You can register for this conference by completing the attached registration form and returning it to Berty Masselink (mailto: berty.masselink@shell.com).

The registration deadline is May 31, 2006.


If you would like to present, please submit a short abstract to my E-mail address (mailto: efstathios.kitsios@shell.com) no later than May 20, 2006.


The conference agenda will be finalised and communicated to participants by June 15, 2006.


Stathis Kitsios

Production Technology Discipline Lead & Value Realization Team Leader
Land Asset
Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.
PO Box 28000, 9400 HH Assen, The Netherlands