Workshop Sessions - Abstracts, Presentations, Papers

Copies of abstracts, presentations, and papers will be placed in this section as they become available.

Note: Formal papers are desired, but are not required. To make a presentation, we must receive an abstract and a copy of the actual presentation slides. Documents which have been received and are available are shown in underlined blue text. They may be accessed by clicking on them.


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Note:  The abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, and papers to be  provided for the 2006 International Sucker Rod Pumping  Workshop are listed below.  To download any abstract, presentation, or paper, click on the underlined link.  Some of the presentations are very large and may require several minutes to download.

Note:  These presentations and papers are the property of the 2006 International Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop and the companies that authored them.   They are provided here for your information. They may not be altered in any way, and they may not be distributed to anyone outside of your company without the expressed written permission of the organizers of the workshop and the author(s).

Note:  After the workshop, if there is sufficient interest, we will produce CD's of the workshop proceedings.  These will be available for $25 per CD.


            Access to Paper Documents
Number Company Author Presentation Title Abstract Presentation Paper
Session No. 1 - New Technology, R&D

Yates Petroleum



Art Pena

Lynn Rowlan

Mark Mahoney (Presenter)


DynaPump Field Evaluation Abstract Presentation  
2 Lufkin

Dr. Jeffrey J. DaCunha, Ph.D.


Theory and Application of Deviated Well Design Technology

Abstract Presentation  
3 Echometer Lynn Rowlan

Gas Interference Effects

Abstract Presentation  
4 Lufkin Industries, Inc.

Robert McDonald



Common Beam Pumping Unit Reliability Issues in Remote or “Under- Supported” Areas

Abstract Presentation  
5 Harbison-Fischer Mark Mahoney


Common Problems and Solutions for Sucker Rod Pumping Applications

Abstract Presentation Paper






Mike Poythress

Jeff Fisher

Lynn Rowlan

Gordon Gates

Micro Pumping with SolaMotor where Bigger is not Better




Session No. 2 - Information, Automation, Optimization
1 Echometer Lynn Rowlan

QRod - Quick Rod Design

Abstract Presentation Movie
2 PL Tech Dr. James F. Lea

Overview of Accu-Beam: Emphasis on True and Effective Forces

Abstract Presentation  
3 eProduction  Solutions Louis Ray

Real Time Sucker Rod System Design

Abstract Presentation  
4 Norris Sucker Rod Russell Stevens

Coiled Rod, The Advancements / Enhancements in the Area of Service

Abstract Presentation  
Session No. 3 - Case Histories, Field Experiences, Best Practices

University of Miskolc, Hungary


Dr. Gabor Takacs, PhD



Improving Rod Pumped Well Performance

Abstract Presentation  

Occidental Petroleum




Kyle Chambliss

John Patterson

Lynn Rowlan

Understanding Pump Slippage

Abstract Presentation  
3 ConocoPhillips John Patterson

Gas Separator Tests at University of Texas

Abstract Presentation Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 3


4 Echometer Lynn Rowlan

Trouble Shooting II

Abstract Presentation  
5 Key Energy Fred Newman

Finding Production Tubing Weak Spots & Leaks

Abstract Presentation  
Session No. 4 - Unconventional Pumping Challenges, Equipment
1 Production Technology Tom vanAkkeren Long and Slow IS the Way to Go Abstract Presentation


2 Upco de Venezuela

Henry Cumare


Impact of Compression Ratio on Wells Producing Viscous Gassy Crude

Abstract Presentation  
3 Echometer Lynn Rowlan

Acoustic Determination of Pump Intake Pressure in Wells Producing Low API Gravity Crude

Abstract Presentation