Fall 2008 European Gas Well Deliquification Workshop

Presentations Given at the Workshop


These are the PowerPoint presentations that were given at the Fall 2008 European Gas Well Deliquification Workshop.  They are all in PDF format.  Please enjoy

  • 3rd European Conference on Gas Well Deliquification
    15-17 September 2008, Hampshire Hotel, Plaza Groningen, The Netherlands


    Day 1, Monday 15 September Short Education Courses

    Basics of Gas Well Deliquification
    Course instructor: A. Bondurant, BP America

    Use of acoustic surveillance in gas well deliquification
    Course instructors: L. Rowlan (Echometer Company)

    Plunger lifting
    Course instructor: W. Hearn, Weatherford

    Lifting with foamers
    Course instructors: G. Deevey (Baker Petrolite), Mike Brown, (BJ Services)

    Day 2, Tuesday 16 September


    Keynote speech by Stuart Ferguson, Snr Vice President - Reservoir &
    Production, Chief Technology Officer, Weatherford International

    Session 1. Mitigating Liquid Loading – Operator’s experiences & strategies

    1 Update of BP efforts in the area of Gas Well Deliquification
    by Werner Schinagl (BP Aberdeen)

    2 Gas Well Deliquification - Quantifying the size of the prize
    by E. Kitsios, E. Biezen, R. Smeenk, V. Hugonet, F. Hollman (NAM)

    3 EMPG’s Deliquification Strategies: Foamer Batching, Squeezing & Continuous Foamer

    by Markus Zinterl, Dark Mill (ExxonMobil Production, Germany)

    4 Offshore Gas Well Deliquification in Southern North Sea
    by Kees Veeken, Charles Mombo, Majeed Yousif, Peter de Boer, Bert Lugtmeier, Danial
    Leybourne, Gert de Vries and Ewout Biezen (NAM)
    10:10-10:40 Break

    5 Living with the Legacy of Poor Completion Design: What Future for Field X?
    by Matt Dunning (BP Aberdeen)

    6 Update on NAM’s experience/status with gaswell deliquification
    by E. Biezen, R. Smeenk, G. de Vries, E. Kitsios (NAM)

    Session 1 Panel Discussion / Wrap-up

    Session 2. Use of Foam for Gas Well Deliquification

    7 A Statistical Design Approach: High Condensate Foamers
    by Duy Nguyen (Nalco Energy Services)

    8 Digital Image Processing, a Method to Analyse the Stability Properties of Foams Used in the
    Petroleum Industry

    by Heike Strauss, Tobias Trommer (Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany),
    Evren M Ozbayoglu (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), Murat A Ozbayoglu, TOBB –
    University of Economics and Technology, Turkey), Axel Mundo, Oilchem GmbH), Wolfgang
    Jelinek (Wintershall Holding AG)

    9 Hydrocarbon Properties Influence on Critical Lift Concentration
    by Jose Macias, Joel Gonzalez (Champion Technologies)

    10 Foamer Development and Field Trials with NAM
    by Gert de Vries, Danial Leybourne (NAM), Martin J. Willis, Duy T. Nguyen (Nalco)

    11 An Automated Approach to Enhanced Gas Recovery
    by Danny Durham (Multi-Chem)
    15:05-15:35 Break

    12 Advantages of Field Foamer Development
    by Jason Bell (BJ Chemical Services)

    13 Extending production intervals on liquid loaded intermitter wells using condensate foamer

    G.A. Deevey, J.Tyrer, J.Donovan, M.Fosdick, P.Hua (Baker Petrolite)

    14 Capillary Deliquification Safety System.
    by Dick Klompsma (NAM), Douglas Westera (Venture Production Nederland), Bert de Vries

    15 Batch Testing, Soap Sticks and Capillary Trials - A Definitive Approach to Selecting Foam
    Lift Candidates

    by Jeff Bolding (BJ Dyna-Coil)

    Session 2 Panel Discussion / Wrap-up


    Day 3, Wednesday 17 September

    Session 3. Other Gas Well Deliquification Solutions including New Technology
    Developments, Modelling & Surveillance Options


    17 Top or Bottom – Guidelines for Critical Velocity Calculations
    by Robert P. Sutton & Stuart A. Cox (Marathon Oil Company), James F. Lea (PLTech),
    O. Lynn Rowlan (Echometer Company)

    18 The use of jet pumps/eductors for deliquifing gas wells
    by Sacha Sarshar, Caltec Ltd

    19 Well Performance Experience with Plastic Pipe
    by A. Bondurant, BP North America

    20 The use of thermoflex reinforced composite tubing in gas well deliquification applications
    by Jay Wright (Polyflow Inc) or François Meersseman, TCI Environment Int. nv)
    10:10-10:40 Break

    21 Integrated Wellbore/Reservoir Model Predicts Flow Transients in Liquid-Loaded Gas Wells
    by Bin Hu (Scandpower Petroleum Technology AS)

    22 Analyzing the effect of well parameters on critical velocity using field data and simulations
    by S.P.C. Belfroid, W. Schiferli, G.J.N. Alberts (TNO), K. Veeken, E. Biezen (NAM)

    23 Use of Acoustic Surveillance in gas field depletion and Well Integrity testing.
    by Roar Askeland (ScanWell)

    24 An alternative to Turner for modeling liquid unloading
    by Matt Dunning (BP Aberdeen), Asif Abbas

    25 Plunger lifting with SC-SSSV
    by Bill Hearn (Weatherford), W. Dekker, E. Biezen (NAM)

    26 New Developments in Offshore Deliquification Solutions
    by Mark Murray, Daniel Stewart, Caledyne Ltd

    27 Accounting for future deliquification needs during initial completion of new wells
    by Jeff Bolding (BJ Dyna-Coil)

    28 Holes in Tubing a Common Problem in Gas Wells
    by Lynn Rowlan (Echometer Company), Rick Nadkrynechny (T-RAM)

    29 Advances in Water Shut-Offs using Polymers to combat liquid loading
    by Larry Eoff, Mary A. H. McGowen,, Mauricio Gutierrez, Dwyann Dalrymple, Julio Vasquez
    (Halliburton) and Emile Barrett (Santos)

    Session 3 Panel Discussion / Wrap-up