SPE Applied Technology Workshop




Sept. 29 to October 1, 2008


TNK-BP Western Siberia Conference Hall


Nizhnevartovsk, Russia


Registration Deadline: September 10 2008




Workshop Description


The Russian Federation currently produces nearly 10 million bopd, with the majority of this production provided by Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP). With efforts now underway by operators and manufacturers to increase mean-time between failures (MTBF) across the country, the determination of "true" root cause failures and the ability to use this information to reduce chronic, sporadic, and short-term failures has never been more important.


In recognition of the need for more standardized and systematic approaches to evaluate ESP failures and come up with solutions to lengthen run lives, the joint SPE Sections in Russia (Volga, Moscow, Nizhnevartovsk, Sakhalin, Tomsk, and Western Siberia) are pleased to present  a 3-day workshop on Root-Cause Failure Analysis. This program will provide Russian and Western methodologies for evaluating pre-failure data, pulling observations, and tear down reports. To complement key lectures on the subject by industry experts, conducted in an interactive environment, case studies from around the world will be presented.  Participants from around the world will also collectively participate in developing improved methodologies for evaluating root cause failures based on their own experiences that will be documented and relayed to attendees after the program. The workshop will conclude with teams splitting into 5 groups where students will work on individual case studies and present findings using methodologies provided throughout the program.




Meeting attendance will be limited to 70 people in order to facilitate discussion. The attendees will consist of experts in ESP design, workovers, operations, production, and tear downs. It will be particularly suitable for professionals from the following disciplines:

  • Production Engineers

  • Workover engineers and supervisors

  • Completions engineers

  • Stimulation engineers

  • Well construction personnel

  • ESP Service personnel

  • ESP manufacturing personnel


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           For more information please contact Claudia Rodionova at crodionova@spe.org