Spring 2008 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course Conference





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Pre-conference Schools


One pre-conference school will be presented Monday on Fundamentals of Sucker Rod Lift. On Tuesday, three pre-conference schools will be presented concurrently in separate rooms on Trouble-Shooting Beam Pump Wells-Failure Analysis, Artificial Lift Overview and Best Selection Practices, and Reservoir Management..  All the pre-conference schools are scheduled at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and lasting until 5:00 p.m.   



Monday, April 21


         Fundamentals of Sucker Rod Lift School


“Fundamentals of Sucker Rod Lift” is a one-day seminar on the principles of sucker rod lift.  Each component of the sucker rod lift system is discussed including the pumping unit, rods, tubing, pump, gas separator and prime mover.  How the components function and interact with each other is presented so that the attendee can understand the entire operating system and how the components interact.  An understanding of the reservoir and its producing potential and behavior must also be known to optimize the well’s performance.  Attendees will learn the principles of sucker rod lift systems and how to produce wells efficiently.  The results of application of this information in the field will be an increase in production, a reduction in operating expense and greater profits.


Instructors for this one-day school are:


Tuesday, April 22 


Trouble Shooting Beam Pumped Wells – Failure Analysis


This year’s workshop on Trouble Shooting Beam Pumped Wells will focus on Failure Analysis.    



         Artificial Lift Overview and Best Selection Practices


This one-day seminar for operators, highlights the importance of Artificial Lift technologies.  The presentation includes an overview of each of the eight conventional Artificial Lift systems including:

In addition to these lift options, the seminar includes a review of new artificial lift technology and combinations of conventional lift options to enhance production. This presentation also includes a “Logical Artificial Lift Application Selection Process” to optimize production and reduce operating expenses. When possible, the presenter provides design software calculations to compare and contrast different lift options and costs with the same well data.


Attendees will leave this class with a solid understanding of Artificial Lift methods, best practices and a logical approach to selecting the best type of lift for a well’s condition. Various Weatherford representatives will present this one-day course. 




Reservoir Management of Water and CO2 WAG Floods


Reservoir Characterizations, Diagnostics and Technologies


This one day seminar is designed to assist engineers, geologists, managers, and operations personnel in gaining a more thorough understanding of reservoir aspects in floods, technologies in diagnostics, and techniques in developments of solutions for performance modifications in water and CO2 WAG floods.


Utilization of diagnostics to determine the performance of floods is crucial to the final and most important coverage in managing production.  Evaluating performance and bringing about possible corrections to enhance the fluid and gas movements occurring within reservoirs develops the future endeavors and decisions made on investments and economics.

will instruct this one-day course.



            Fees for Pre-Conference Schools


The fee for any of the schools, Fundamentals of Sucker Rod Lift School, Plunger Lift -Failure Analysis School, Artificial Lift Overview and Best Selection Practices School, or Reservoir Management School is $275, which includes lunch on day of school and registration to the SWPSC Conference, April 23-24.  Enrollment for schools is by advance registration only, and space is limited.  Advance registration will be accepted through April 13, 2007.




Wednesday and Thursday April 23-24


Spring 2008 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course Conference


The SWPSC Conference will include over 40 papers on:

Topics will be presented by industry representatives from many companies throughout the industry.  A program with a complete listing of titles, authors, and abstracts will be mailed at a later date.



Fees for the SWPSC Conference


The registration fee for the SWPSC Conference is $155 for both days and $125 for one day if pre-registering; add $5 to registration fee if not pre-registering.  Registration includes a bound copy of the 55th Annual Proceedings, lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, entrance into the exhibits, and the Recognition Banquet on Wednesday evening.




The 2008 SWPSC exhibits will be located in the Exhibit Hall where registrants can browse through them at their convenience.  The buffet luncheons on Wednesday and Thursday will also be held in the Exhibit Hall for greater exhibit exposure.  Door Prizes will be given away each day of the conference.  You must be present to win!  For more information on exhibiting, please call the SWPSC Office at 806/742-1727.





The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course Proceedings are now available on CD from 1954-2008.  The CDs are searchable by paper title or author.  The disk set will be available for delivery during the SWPSC Conference.  The CD set must be pre-ordered and pre-paid.  The cost of the SWPSC CD-ROM Proceedings is $200 a set.  The update for 2008, for those that own the set, is $50.



Professional Engineers Continuing Education Unit Credits


All the SWPSC courses qualify for continuing education credits for those seeking CEU’s for their Texas Professional Engineers License.