Artificial Lift Intelligence for Production Optimization

1-2 June 2009
Azur Mediterranean Hotel
Alexandria, Egypt

Artificial lift technologies are designed to mitigate risk and expand the operating limits of conventional lift systems. Coupled with an understanding that intelligent control is not exclusive to complex and highly instrumental wells, its application also has the potential to revolutionize production practices in mature and/or remote fields. Although it was a sophisticated idea that was not widely accepted when this initiative started a few years ago, artificial lift intelligence with real-time production monitoring and surveillance technology is vastly developing worldwide. After some field trials and commercial deployments over the past 5 years, some operators started reconsidering to apply real-time production operations with artificial lift intelligence and advanced approaches, which had shown the values of optimizing production, minimizing the deferred oil, minimizing wells down-time, and reducing the operating costs of producing well and fields.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will be addressing the topic from both hardware, installations and operations on one side, as well as the system surveillance and diagnosis on the other side. Throughout the workshop, experts will review and discuss required hardware and data transmission equipments, infrastructures, essential measuring devices, and data or information that can be captured in each specific artificial lift method. The system surveillance and diagnosis will then lead into discussions on how to utilize this information, how to organize and manage this data to optimize production, what resources are needed to implement the business, the collaboration between service providers and operators, along with case histories and success story in the Middle East, India and Africa.

A fully integrated production optimization discussion and knowledge sharing through this workshop is expected to show value and importance of optimizing lift system and reservoir performance for artificially lifted wells or combining the latest in downhole sensor and artificial lift technology with reservoir expertise. The workshop will prove that applied artifical lift intelligence technology and system in production optimization improves oil production by 20% and gains of more than tenfold have been verified by production measurements.

Who Should Attend:

Engineers involved in all and/or any of the following upstream activities:


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