2009 Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop Sessions - Abstracts, Presentations, Papers

Copies of abstracts, presentations, and papers will be placed in this section as they become available.

Note: Formal papers are desired, but are not required. To make a presentation, we must receive an abstract and a copy of the actual presentation slides. Documents which have been received and are available are shown in underlined blue text. They may be accessed by clicking on them.


Presentation Format --- Use this standard format for Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop presentations.  The due date for presentations is August 31, 2009.

Status of Abstracts and Presentations --- This lists the presentations and the status of each.

Summary of Abstracts --- This will be printed and made available at the workshop.

Note:  The abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, and papers to be provided for the 2009 International Sucker Rod Pumping  Workshop are listed below.  To download any abstract, presentation, or paper, click on the underlined link.  Some of the presentations are very large and may require several minutes to download.

Note:  These presentations and papers are the property of the 2009 International Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop and the companies that authored them.   They are provided here for your information. They may not be altered in any way, and they may not be distributed to anyone outside of your company without the expressed written permission of the organizers of the workshop and the author(s).

Note:  After the workshop, if there is sufficient interest, we will produce CD's of the workshop proceedings. 


            Access to Paper Documents
Number Company Author Presentation Title Abstract Presentation Paper
Session No. 1 - New Technology, Research and Development

Oil and Gas Optimization Services


Norris Sucker Rod


Norm Hein


Russell Stevens

Sucker Rod String Service Factors

Abstract Presentation  

Norris Sucker Rod


Oil & Gas Optimization Specialists, Ltd.


Russell Stevens


Norm Hein



Circumferential Displacement – A Review of Industry Practices


Abstract Presentation  

UPCO, Inc.

Erik Tietz

Arun Sriraman


Sucker Rod Characteristics and Factors Affecting Sucker Rod Coupling Make Up Abstract Presentation  

Marathon Oil Company


William T. Roberts

William D. Holmes


Tubing Anchor Effect on Pump Performance in Rod Pumped Gassy Wells Abstract Presentation  

Harbison Fischer

Oil & Gas Optimization Specialists, Ltd.


Benny Williams 


Norman W. Hein, Jr.  


API Spec 11B – What’s New and Improved


Abstract Presentation  

Pan American Energy (BP)



Herial Angeletti, Miguel Colla, & Ricardo Mazzola

Daniel Muse, Félix Carrizo, & Francisco Diaz Telli


Improvements to Produce High Flows in Deep Wells Abstract Presentation  
Keynote Address
  Keynote Address Roy Van     Presentation  
Session No. 2 - Design, Automation, Optimization, Challenges
1 Harris Well Services Robert Harris

Design of Sucker Rod Systems – Plan for Conversion from Flowing to Pumping

Abstract Presentation  
2 Echometer 

PL Tech


Lynn Rowlan

James F. Lea
Controlling Run Time may Not Prevent Rod Buckling


Abstract Presentation  

Key Energy Services, Inc.


Steve Conquergood

David Lord


Fully Automated Rod Tong Provides Accurate & Reliable Rod Connections Abstract Presentation Paper
4 Cambrian Management John Sparks Problems - Investigation of Sucker Rod Lift Problems Abstract Presentation  
Breakout Sessions
1 Echometer Lynn Rowlan Common  Sucker Rod Pumping Problems   Summary  
2 Marathon Bill Holmes Pumping Gassy Wells   Summary  
3 Oil and Gas Optimization Specialists Norm Hein New Sucker Rod Pumping Technology   Summary  
Session No. 3 - Case Histories, Field Experiences, Recommended Practices
1 Echometer Lynn Rowlan

Three Conditions at the Pump Intake Resulting in Incomplete Pump Fillage

Abstract Presentation  
2 Oil & Gas Optimization Specialists, Ltd. Norm Hein

High Rate Sucker Rod Lift – How High is High?


Abstract Presentation  

Aera Energy

Steve Hirshblond

Ventura Field Rod Well System Review


Abstract Presentation  


Timothy Gorham


Optimizing Artificial Lift System Placement in Horizontal Wells Abstract Presentation  

Harris Well Services



James Harris


Lynn Rowlan


Further Investigation into Back Pressures Impact on Measured Surface Loads Abstract Presentation