2012 Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop Sessions - Abstracts, Presentations, Papers

Copies of abstracts, presentations, and papers will be placed in this section as they become available.

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Presentation Format --- Use this standard format for Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop presentations.  The due date for presentations is August 31, 2012.

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Note:  The abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, and papers to be provided for the 2012 International Sucker Rod Pumping  Workshop are listed below.  To download any abstract, presentation, or paper, click on the underlined link.  Some of the presentations are very large and may require several minutes to download.

Note:  These presentations and papers are the property of the 2012 International Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop and the companies that authored them.   They are provided here for your information. They may not be altered in any way, and they may not be distributed to anyone outside of your company without the expressed written permission of the organizers of the workshop and the author(s).

Note:  After the workshop, if there is sufficient interest, we will produce CD's of the workshop proceedings. 


            Access to Paper Documents
Number Company Author Presentation Title Abstract Presentation Paper

Session No. 1 - New Technology, Research and Development

Session Chair:  Tom Cochrane, ConocoPhillips



NPS – Norris/AOT


Norman W. Hein, Jr.

David Eggert 
Steel Sucker Rod Fatigue Testing – An Update Abstract Presentation  
2 ONGC, India Avinav Kumar Polished Rod Bending Study Abstract Presentation  


Erik Tietz, P.E.

Arun Sriraman


Factors that Affect the Reliability of Couplings


Abstract Presentation  
4 Western  Falcon

Robert H. Davis

James G. Hickman


Successful Oil and Gas Production Well Applications of Thermoplastic Lined Downhole Tubing: Protecting Horizontal Well Tubing and Pumping Around the Bend

Abstract Presentation  
5 Echometer Company

James N McCoy

A.L. Podio

Lynn Rowlan

D. Becker

Evaluation and Performance of Packer-Type Downhole Gas Separators Abstract Presentation  

Echometer Company

PL Tech, LLC

Lynn Rowlan

Jim McCoy

James F. Lea


Use of the Pump Slippage Equation to Design Pump Clearances

Abstract Presentation  
Keynote Address ---

Keynote Address

Todd Moehlenbrock, Devon’s VP of Engineering Technology


Session No. 2 - Design, Automation, Optimization, Challenges

Session Chair:  Norm Hein, Norris Production Solutions




Tom Cochrane

Joe Colley

Elizabeth Kane


Side Load and Wear Rod Pumping

Deviated CBM Wells

Abstract Presentation  
2 Echometer Company

Ken Skinnera

Lynn Rowlan

James N McCoy


QRod Design Tools Abstract Presentation  
3 Weatherford Victoria Pons Computation on Fluid Load Lines and Concavity Testing Abstract Presentation  
4 Weatherford Victoria Pons

Iterating on Damping When Solving the Wave Equation

Abstract Presentation  
Breakout Sessions


Victoria Pons

Jeff Dechuna


Understanding the Wave Equation

2 Production Technology Tom vanAkkeren Sucker Rod System Failures and Failure Analysis   Summary  

Session No. 3 - Case Histories, Field Experiences, Recommended Practices

Session Chair:  Stacy Horn, EOG Resources, Rick Webb, Wilson Artificial Lift


Key Energy Services, Inc. Steve Conquergood Field Experience in Achieving Lower Intervention Costs Abstract Presentation  

NPS – Norris/AOT

Norman W. Hein, Jr. History of Slim Hole Coupling Derating Factors & Application to Special High Strength Rods Abstract Presentation  

Weatherford International


Roman Molotkov

Susan Beck

Long Stoke Pumping Units Provide Greater Operational Efficiency than ESPs in Flow Rates Up To 1,500 STB/D Abstract Presentation  

Wells Whisper

Echometer Company


Russell Brown

Lynn Rowlan

Jim McCoy

Positive and Negatives of Tubing Backpressure on Gassy Sucker Rod Lifted Wells Abstract Presentation  

Rod Lift Consulting

NPS – Norris/AOT


Russell Stevens

Norman W. Hein, Jr.

Fred Newman

API RP 11BR Revisions on Sucker Rod Makeup Abstract Presentation