2015 Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop Sessions - Abstracts, Presentations, Papers

Copies of abstracts, presentations, and papers will be placed in this section as they become available.

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Safety Briefings

Note:  The abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, and papers to be provided for the 2016 International Sucker Rod Pumping  Workshop are listed below.  To download any abstract, presentation, or paper, click on the underlined link.  Some of the presentations are very large and may require several minutes to download.

Note:  These presentations and papers are the property of the 2015 International Sucker Rod Pumping Workshop and the companies that authored them.   They are provided here for your information. They may not be altered in any way, and they may not be distributed to anyone outside of your company without the expressed written permission of the organizers of the workshop and the author(s).

Note:  After the workshop, if there is sufficient interest, we will produce CD's of the workshop proceedings. 


            Access to Paper Documents
Number Company Author Presentation Title Abstract Presentation Paper

Session No. 1 - New Technology, Research and Development

Session Chairs:  Brian Freeman, Tom vanAkkeren



Power Management Controls

John Lesnick

Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology – Intuitive Well Automation and Control System




2 Reservoir Management Services Dr. Duncan Earl

Alternate Method of Determining the Speed of Sound for Acoustic Fluid Measurements


Abstract Presentation  
3 Denbury Resources

Mark Turland, Artificial Lift Advisor

Pat Gundlach, CCA Optimization Foreman


Carbon Fiber Sucker Rods in CCA


Abstract Presentation  

Total Rod Concepts, Inc.


Donald M. Ewing


Fiberglass Sucker Rod Applications and Efficiencies


Abstract Presentation  



Walter Phillips


3D Wellbore Visualization for Production Engineering


Abstract Presentation  

ENCLINE Artificial Lift Solutions LLC


Bill Elmer


A New Method to Reduce Pump Slippage


Abstract Presentation  

ENCLINE Artificial Lift Solutions LLC


Bill Elmer


Pump Stroke Optimization

A Better Way to Operate a Rod Pumped Well


Abstract Presentation  
Keynote Address ---

Keynote Address

Brian Ellithorp Finding Value in Artificial Lift in an Increasing Challenging Oil Field   Presentation  

Session No. 2 - Design, Automation, Optimization, Challenges

Session Chairs:  Victoria Pons, Brent Thomas




Anthony Allison


Accurate Load & Position Measurement is Critical to Quality Dynamometer Analysis


Abstract Presentation  

1General Electric - Global Research Center

2General Electric - Lufkin Automation


Omar Al Assad1,

Justin Barton1,

Rogier Blom1,

Gary Hughes2,

Peter Westerkamp2

Sucker Rod Pump Fluid Pound Avoidance and Stress Limiting Controls



Abstract Presentation  
3 General Electric

Kalpesh Singal,

Shyam Sivaramakrishnan,

Ying Mao,

Younkoo Jeong,

Omar Al Assad, Fatemeh Zamanian, Egidio Marotta,

Qing Wu,

David Doyle


Advanced Visualization Tool for Optimizing Rod Pump Operation


Abstract Presentation  
4 Weatherford Artificial Lift Victoria Pons, Ph.D.


Horizontal Well Dynamometer Data Acquisition


Abstract Presentation  
5 Weatherford Artificial Lift Victoria Pons, Ph.D.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Downhole Data: Improved Analysis

Abstract Presentation  
Breakout Sessions




Denbury Resources, Inc. 


Tom Cochrane

Mark Turland


Failure frequencies and failure analysis 



2 Oil and Gas Optimization Systems Norm Hein Sucker rod pumping horizontal wells   Summary  
3 Weatherford, International Anthony Allison Automation of sucker rod pumping wells and associated facilities   Summary  

Session No. 3 - Case Histories, Field Experiences, Recommended Practices

Session Chairs:  Bill Sapp, Rick Webb



Oil and Gas Optimization Systems

Weatherford, International


Norman W. Hein, Jr. William Lane

Sucker Rod Lift Downhole Gas Separators – Proposed Industry Testing

Abstract Presentation  

John Crane Production Solutions


Ryan Gernentz

Karol Hricisak Mohamed F. Alzoubi


It’s All About the End Fitting


Abstract Presentation  
3 Weatherford, International

John Stachowiak


New Sucker Rod Pump Technology for Increased Run Life in Sandy Wells

Abstract Presentation  



Richard Poythress


Higher Clearance Rod Pump Performance in Coal Fines Problem Wells


Abstract Presentation  

Echometer Company


Joseph Norman

Lynn Rowlan

Tony Podio


Pressure Test for Leak


Abstract Presentation  

Echometer Company


Lynn Rowlan

Ken Skinner

Jim McCoy


Power Line Loss Determination and Analysis


Abstract Presentation